Skill & Partnership Elevate Vision

XR New York is a strategic partnership of Silver Spoon, industry leaders in real-time animation and content based in New York and Los Angeles, and Schrom, a well-known award-winning production company with studios  in New York for over 30 years. Their collaborative spirit, innovative vision and common focus on client service provides a rare  foundation for great filmmaking, VFX and immersive entertainment in New York.

Experts in Real-Time Production

Silver Spoon is an internationally recognized, full-service real-time studio that integrates best-in-class tools, infrastructure and the latest innovations to create the most unique XR, AR and real-time content and experiences.

Credited on over 50 feature films, television shows, video games, and numerous commercials and music videos, as well as live installation and experiences, Silver Spoon leads the industry in real time content creation, Unreal Engine development, and virtual production supervision and operation.

Celebrated Live-Action & Production Services

Leaders in live action and tabletop known for bringing complex challenges together effortlessly, Schrom is a legend in commercial production. With over 30 years of experience adapting emerging technologies to exceed brand and story goals, Schrom teams with clients to evolve their creative, execute with confidence of success, and light up screens by the millions around the world. 

Honoring Process, Unlocking Possibilities

The goal of XR New York is to expand on the capabilities and benefits of virtual production, helping our clients understand the possibilities of shooting and working with real-time technology, while honoring the process that has guided successful productions for the last century. We believe our tools and approach compliment existing production processes, and moreover, allow a positive, free-flow of information between teams.

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