Unlocking creative possibilities with virtual production

Our recent collaboration with Camp + King and Papa John’s for their new Crispy Parm Pizza commercial is a perfect example of how we’re pushing traditional approaches for commercial production.

We used our LED stage and Unreal Engine to create a virtual kitchen and living room, allowing us to adjust lighting, camera angles, and the layout of the set quickly and easily. The best part? We were able to do it all in a matter of days.

Compared to traditional production methods, virtual production can be faster, more cost-effective, and offers unlimited creative possibilities. By utilizing this cutting-edge technology, we were able to deliver high-quality content that would have taken weeks to build and several days to shoot using practical methods.

Our virtual production technology also allowed us to create a dynamic environment that moves in sync with the real camera. This resulted in a seamless and immersive experience that truly captured the essence of this creative.

Director: XYZ
Production: XYZ

Art Director: XYZ
G&E: 303 Stages
Stage Manager: Joe

Virtual Production: Silver Spoon
Virtual Producer Producer: Laura Herzing
Virtual Production Supervisor: Matthew Houstle


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