Merging practical and virtual FX

So, LL Bean had this killer idea: start in a cozy mudroom, then BAM! Transport everyone to a breathtaking fall vista. Challenge accepted. We hustled, sourced the perfect video bits along with creating some unique Unreal content, and then, cue our behind-the-scenes wizardry—light tweaks, virtual sky swaps—making that vision pop.

Here’s the secret sauce: our mix of real-world tricks and digital sorcery. Imagine this moveable wall set piece—we could whisk you from that mudroom to anywhere in a snap. This innovation gave LL Bean the precision they needed to showcase their fashion line in unique environments while maintaining the flexibility to shoot in a controlled studio.

Director: XYZ
Production: XYZ

Art Director: XYZ
G&E: 303 Stages
Stage Manager: Joe

Virtual Production: Silver Spoon
Virtual Producer Producer: Laura Herzing
Virtual Production Supervisor: Matthew Houstle


100 Corporate Drive

Blauvelt, NY 10913


845 668 4776